Mack Anthem Has a New Aero Efficient Chassis

Mack Anthem’s New Aero Efficient Chassis

The Mack Anthem is already one of the most versatile and efficient heavy-duty commercial trucks on the market. Now, with the announcement of Mack Trucks’ addition of a new optional extended chassis fairing, the model will further boost fleet performance.

What’s New with the Mack Anthem Chassis

The extended chassis fairing pairs with the Mack Anthem’s existing fairings. This option forces air more smoothly over and around the axles in the rear. This extra boost of air improves fuel efficiency by up to .5%.

In addition, the extended chassis opens up the access for the driver to the back of the cab for tasks involving air supply lines. This access allows the driver and service technicians quicker admittance to areas needing attention.

Streamlining Efficiency with the Mack Anthem

With a focus on fuel efficiency, this fairing can combine with other features geared towards maximizing the gallon. Features like the HE+ efficiency package and mDrive parallel the aerodynamic design and optional chassis for maximized fuel economy in the Anthem models. Paired with these features, the Mack Anthem can deliver up to 10% improved fuel efficiency, satisfy the U.S. EPA SmartWay designation and drive down the overall cost of fuel, and in turn operation.

Continued Development on Mack Commercial Trucks

While the aero-efficient chassis is the latest in continuous developments from Mack Trucks, it is not the only enhancement the OEM made efforts on this year.

Parameter Plus

The over-the-air programming offer from Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks gives you the ability to make updates to the truck’s engine remotely. This expanded service was upgraded in March and allows for up to 50 updates to occur over-the-air annually. This package and development allows fleets to maximize their uptime.

Lytx Pre-wired 

Mack Trucks expanded the Mack Granite model’s availability for pre-wire options for the Lytx DriveCam. This option from Mack Trucks includes forward and rear-facing cameras and video-based coaching, as well as predictive analytics on an individualized basis. This addition helps drivers eliminate operational blind spots of  big rigs to prevent what often cause inefficiency in productivity and profitability.

Advanced Monitoring Systems + Mack Connect

Another development in commercial trucks from Mack is their advanced monitoring systems and the use of predictive technology to enhance driver and fleet productivity.

Explorative Tech

Mack Trucks’ focus on continued development doesn’t end with the additional upgrades to current models. In some cases, like the Mack LR, this development comes in the form of a completely new technology. The medium-duty commercial trucks was launched in 2015 and after only 5 years on the market, the OEM is giving it an overhaul in the form of electric energy. This is just one example of steady research and forward-thinking in terms of Mack models and the overall market.

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