Mack Granite

The Power of The Mack Granite

“The gold standard of tough.” That is how Mack Trucks describes their popular Mack Granite work truck. Mack is well-known for their durable and versatile vehicles. But what exactly makes the powerful Mack Granite the first-choice amongst fleets requiring a vehicle that is, well, tougher than tough?

The Mack Granite is Versatile

Versatile is an understatement. The Mack Granite boasts features common in other heavy-duty trucks. However, it is the combination of these features with its chameleon-like rig and spec-ing that set the vehicle apart.

The Basics:

  • The Granite has axle forward and axle back configurations that allow for improved maneuverability and tighter turns.
  • With a sloped hood, large windows and a passenger door peep window, the Granite features enhanced visibility for the driver.
  • Buyers have a choice of rail thickness with the Mack Granite, which allows fleets to spec for the rigors of any job.

The Enhanced Uses:

  • Roll-off
    • The Mack Granite’s compact component packaging allows your hoist to mount tightly onto the cab. This allows you to keep the overall truck length short and your turning radius tight.
  • Rear Loader
    • With enhanced visibility and agile response, the Granite has everything you need for refuse applications.
  • Tri-drive Axles
    • Tridem-drive tractors (tri-drive) suit the harshest conditions with more traction and capabilities than tandem axles. Tri-drive with the Mack Granite allows you to put more power to the ground.
  • Tractor
    • The Mack Granite is perfect for the classic tractor needs. It’s rugged exterior and power under the hood can haul any heavy equipment or materials directly onto the job site.
  • Mixer
    • Powerful enough to haul a mixer, light enough to balance the productivity ratio.
  • Tandem Steer Mixer
    • The Mack Granite tandem steer option allows optimal maneuverability while retaining power.
  • Multi-Axle Dump
    • The Mack Granite’s Multi-Axle Dump Truck spec fits the fuel volume hydraulic tanks and lift axles you require all in the shortest wheelbase possible.
  • Snowplow
    • Inclement weather can be dangerous, but behind the wheel of the powerful Granite, drivers can use the full parent rail front frame extensions for plowing more safely and comfortably. The tight component packaging allows room for wing plow, sanders, and all other extra equipment.

Mack Granite’s Driver Environment Gives Power to the Driver

The rugged galvanized steel cab makes for one tough exterior, but the interior shows off Mack Trucks’ dedication to driver comfort. The interiors keep drivers safe, comfortable and productive with features like Mack Trucks’ exclusive seats that take on daily wear and tear while improving support.

The Mack Granite cab also features Mack Co-Pilot which is a 5” full-color digital display that provides simpler navigation without distractions. Co-Pilot also constantly monitors the truck and has Pre-Trip Assistant capabilities including one-person Exterior Light Inspection to help catch potential issues before you hit the road.

Inside there is also a 7” touchscreen information and entertainment panel with smart steering wheel buttons and options like SiriusXM, Weather Band and optional back-up camera. These easy to reach controls reduce driver fatigue and increase productivity.

The mDriver HD Controls’ intuitive placement beside the information and entertainment panel gives drivers comfortable access without having to take their eyes off the road.

The Mack Granite also features an industry first – the flat-bottom steering wheel – which provides enhanced clearance for entry or exit into the cab.

Power of a Big Company Behind the Trucks

The value of the OEM powerhouse that is Mack Trucks cannot be understated. In fact, it’s one of the reasons owning the Mack Granite, or any Mack truck is beneficial to fleets across the globe. The power, technology and research at the disposal of Mack Trucks are undeniable, as well as the company’s offerings for improved business uptime and fleet productivity. Features from the OEM like Mack Connect, work to help you build a modern trucking business. Mack Connect uses predictive analytics and connective technologies to turn data produced by the truck, the driver and the service process into insights and actions that help fleets maximize uptime and productivity. Owning a Mack is not just owning another truck, it’s adding the experience, knowledge and capabilities of a massive OEM with full support to your business.

For more information on the Mack Granite, or for service to your current Mack Trucks fleet, contact Nextran Truck Centers. With 16 locations across the southeast in Alabama, Georgia and Florida, we’re here to keep you moving forward.

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