Parameter Plus Allows Remote Upgrades

Parameter Plus Upgrades for Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks

Last month, Volvo Trucks unveiled its Parameter Plus package. This new package allows for up to 50 parameter updates over-the-air annually per covered vehicle. The package is available for both Volvo and Mack heavy-duty trucks. The new packages allows drivers and heavy-duty truck fleets to further maximize their uptime.

What is over-the-air programming?

Over-the-air (OTA) programming like Parameter Plus gives you the ability to update engines remotely  in truck models 2017 and forward provided there is cellular coverage. Drivers no longer have to schedule downtime to update engine software at a service location. Instead, an update is sent to the truck wherever it is located when it’s off duty to update specific parameters. This freedom to update OTA saves fleets approximately 2.3 days of downtime per update, according to Ash Makki, product marketing manager for Volvo Trucks North America. Over-the-air parameter upgrades also prevent an interruption in the driving schedule. This means fleets can have closer timetables without the worry of having to pull over.

What parameters can be updated with OTA programming?

Software updates from the OEM-

Software updates from an OEM can range from improving efficiency to reducing faults that are triggered by the engine. Engines, like any software or computational device, should be as up-to-date as possible. This is because new calibrations address any issues that are identified in new models. By checking for and updating software from the OEM, fleets avoid unplanned service and costly engine issues.

By moving to an OTA process, fleets have a painless way to prevent issues, stay current and keep trucks and drivers moving forward.

Operational parameters that you can change-

While many fleets set up their operational parameters at the time of purchase, fleet needs change over time. Parameter updates enable owners to switch between operating modes for several optimizations. These optimizations include maximizing truck performance, balancing fuel use and performance, maximizing fuel efficiency and configuring maximum road speeds. Operational parameter updates provide the flexibility to impact how the truck tackles its application such as switching from dry bulk to liquid tankers or running multiple routes with different topographies, according to the company.

What makes Parameter Plus different?

Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks’ Parameter Plus package is a supplement to the Remote Programming package. It allows a driver to simply pull over, connect to the remote Mack Trucks or Volvo Trucks Uptime Center, and the upgrade is done over the air. Previously, customers could make just two parameter updates per year as part of their uptime contract subscription. However, the additional package enables users to make up to 50 parameter updates per 12-month period per registered heavy-duty truck.

The Parameter Plus package is available on new vehicles and those previously purchased with EPA 2017 or 2018 engines.

According to Volvo, this feature was implemented in part based on feedback from customers using over-the-air updates. It especially benefits companies that operate between areas governed by different regulations. The Parameter Plus package is just another example of Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks’ continued efforts to deliver exceptional technology, driver comfort and fleet efficiency. For more information on the Parameter Plus or Remote Programming packages, contact one of Nextran Truck Centers’ 16 locations in the Southeast.

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