The All-New Mack LR is Getting Electric Trucks on the Road

The industry has been buzzing about electric trucks for years now, but the next iteration of the Mack LR electric refuse truck is making that a reality. This new model is hitting the streets of New York City for a test drive in 2020, marking a true shift in the way the refuse industry is going to work.

Mack is following in the footsteps of other big players in the industry like Ford and Volvo. Both of these names have announced electric semi trucks. Likewise, Mack’s new offering will be a fully electric, zero-emission refuse vehicle fully capable of handling the demands of the urban refuse industry.

Re-inventing the Mack LR

The Mack LR was launched in 2015 as a replacement to their previous refuse truck, the TerraPro LEU. The LR had safety and comfort updates, but both vehicles operated on diesel engines. Now, after only 5 years on the market, the truck is getting a complete overhaul. The new model will be a BEV, or a battery electric vehicle. No gasoline is involved in its operation, making this one of the first truly zero-emission refuse vehicles in America.

To get a truck capable of handling the demands of the refuse industry, Mack upgraded the single gas engine to 2 AC motors. Together, these motors can output nearly 500 horsepower at its peak. This makes the electric update even more powerful than the current gas models, which peak at 405 horsepower.

The new model also includes updates to the cab, with extended legroom to ensure maximum driver satisfaction. It also still has the same dual steering wheel design to make sure drivers have easy access to any curbside.

Electric Trucks are Perfect for Refuse Services

One of the most distinctive features of an electric vehicle is its zero-noise operation. Similarly, the new Mack LR will be incredibly quiet, which opens up entirely new possibilities for the industry.

In dense urban environments, noise laws can limit hours of operation for refuse services. Take Miami, one of the largest markets for refuse haulers in America. They’ve limited industrial vehicles to 70 decibels between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM, capping most service hours. The silent Mack LR adds an extra 9 hours to the workday, allowing more opportunities for service.

Electric vehicles have significantly reduced overhead and maintenance costs. Their motors typically have a single moving component, while combustion engines have dozens. Electric trucks require no gas or oil changes and are predicted to last significantly longer without needing service than traditional gas engines.

The Power Behind the New Mack LR

When you go with Mack, you go with quality. While they’ve always had a reputation for excellent American made trucks, the new Mack LR introduces modern innovation and engineering. Electric trucks are going to be the future of the industry, and this first model uses some powerful engineering.

Key Specs:

  • 600V fast charging
  • 349 continuous horsepower with 496 peak power
  • Over 35,000 maximum load
  • Redesigned cab for a more comfortable experience
  • Reduced overhead for a more cost-effective fleet
  • Same dual steering design for maximum efficiency

To learn more about the new Mack LR and other options from brands like Ford, Volvo, or Isuzu, contact Nextran Truck Centers. We have 16 locations across Florida, Alabama, and Georgia, making us the perfect option for any fleet’s needs.

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