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What the Truck? Interesting and Unique Uses for Isuzu Trucks

When you need a commercial truck to haul and ship goods, Isuzu trucks are one of the go-to’s for any fleet. But this versatile brand does more than long-distance hauling. The OEM is always innovating, whether it’s their new approach to truck servicing or their efforts for small body design. Because of their diverse uses, these trucks serve all sorts of unique and exciting tasks.

The Tap Room Truck

Isuzu Trucks has partnered up with a few other companies to create the tap truck. By working with Supreme, Delivery Concepts Inc and Bottle Logic Brewing, Isuzu created a truck that can transport and serve fresh poured, cold beer. This truck even helped the company celebrate its 35th anniversary of selling trucks in America and is an entirely new concept.

Part of why these trucks are perfect for a mobile taproom is the design of the cab. The advanced maneuverability of these medium-duty trucks makes it easier to navigate tight spaces than with a traditional commercial vehicle, allowing drivers to service people in any location.

Isuzu Food Trucks

The traditional food truck is an all-in-one package, with the workspace and the engine all part of the same vehicle. Isuzu trucks, however, make it easy to transform a medium-duty shipping truck into a full-fledged food truck. By adding a mobile kitchen to the truck, owners can create an entire restaurant on wheels. Just like with the tap truck, these foodservice vehicles are easier to navigate than traditional semi-trucks.

Niche Services with Isuzu Trucks

There are all sorts of niche services for which you can use Isuzu trucks. Farmers use these vehicles as their primary farm truck, hauling equipment, livestock and produce short distances. Fleets can rent them out as moving trucks, or can provide urban shipping services. Their small body makes them perfect as refuse removal vehicles, and you can hitch specialized trailers to them for more precise needs like refrigeration.

Being Creative with Isuzu Trucks

Isuzu trucks can meet almost anyone’s needs. By being creative and innovative, the OEM and fleet owners are proving that these trucks can satisfy any demand, from foodservice to farm trucks to shipping and hauling.

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