4 Must-Have Features for Your Next Isuzu Food Service Truck

Your food service truck is more than just a delivery vehicle for produce and beverages. It’s a member of your team, working tirelessly to help you and your crew support your valued customers. So just as you would look for certain traits in a human crew member, you should look for certain features in your next reefer truck.

Below we’ve compiled a list of must-have features that your next Isuzu vehicle needs to take care of your team and your customers.

Your Must Have Food Service Truck Features

Ample Space for Your Crew & Goods
When it comes to food service trucks, comfort is key. Your crew needs ample space to sit comfortably, before and after unloading a truck.

Isuzu trucks offer Standard Cab and Crew Cab configurations to accommodate three to seven team members easily and spaciously. These options also have both overhead storage and behind-the-seat storage, which can also be used for extra leg room and to keep the truck tidy during long trips.

But it’s not just space for your crew that you’re worried about. You don’t want your goods to be crammed in the back of the truck either. Look for a vehicle that offers flexible bodies to accommodate your food service deliveries.

Driver Control & Maneuverability
Navigating a truck through southern backroads or out on the open road can be difficult, even for the most seasoned driver. And since safety is a top concern, it’s important your food service truck offers maximum driver control and maneuverability.

Vehicles like the Isuzu NPR and Isuzu NQR are best-in-class when it comes to maneuverability. Their power steering systems allow drivers to turn easily with superior wheel cut angles.

Maintenance Checks
When something goes wrong while driving, the last thing you want is for your crew to be checking under the hood on the side of the road. You want your team to be in a reefer truck that offers in-cab maintenance checks. This would allow them to perform basic maintenance checks without having to leave the truck. They could review items like:

  • Hydraulic brake fluid reservoir
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Engine oil
  • Fuel levels

Safety features like in-cab maintenance checks are vital to the success of your team and customers and should be considered when looking for your next truck.

Gas or Diesel Options
Have a preference for gas trucks? Or maybe you like diesel better? One of the best things about the Isuzu NPR is that you have the choice between a gas engine or a diesel engine. Both engines are known for their performance and power, allowing your crew to maneuver your vehicle along any southern road.

Whether you’re delivering produce, beverages or catering meals, you need a food service truck that is capable of delivering effortless pulling power no matter the engine. By having the option between gas or diesel, you’re able to choose the truck that is best for your productivity and business investment.


Having the right food service truck is important to your crew, business and customers. When you choose a truck with these must-have features, you’re ensuring your team and goods are safe, comfortable and in control while on the road. For more information or to find a food service truck, Nextran Truck Centers is here to help. With 16 locations across the southeast in Alabama, Georgia and Florida, we’re here to keep you moving forward.

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