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Isuzu Connect Makes Maintaining Isuzu Commercial Trucks Easier Than Ever

The age of information is radically transforming the trucking industry. Now, servicing Isuzu commercial trucks will be easier than ever before, with the introduction of Isuzu Connect. This new platform will help directly connect dealers and drivers to help revolutionize service management.

What is Isuzu Connect?

Isuzu Connect is a service relationship management (SRM) platform that streamlines event management. This creates a more effective service process. In simpler terms, it’s a cloud-based database that helps dealers and customers keep track of important service information and events.

When a customer brings their Isuzu truck in for servicing, the dealer needs the details about the truck’s service history, warranty, repair time and more. Isuzu Connect will help dealers keep track of all of this information, making repairs and servicing easier. There is also a feature that will allow customers to keep up-to-date on their repairs in real time.

To make this project happen, Isuzu Trucks has partnered with Decisiv, the leader in SRM technology. Their cloud-based information architecture will help power Isuzu’s new initiative. Together, they hope to bridge the gap between drivers and dealers when it comes to servicing and maintenance.

How it Helps Maintain Isuzu Commercial Trucks

Currently, the servicing of commercial trucks can often hinder drivers and dealers. The service repair process requires a wealth of information about the individual truck, and its maintenance and use history. That information can be tough to manually account for. Despite the huge wave of information technology over the past decade, most servicing and repairs depend on 30-year-old technology. Considering that trucks are serviced every 15,000-30,000 miles, this can add hours of weekly uptime to any fleet.

This is where Isuzu Connect and SRM comes in. By having a single database that keeps track of the information necessary for repairs, servicing and maintaining vehicles becomes easier and more cost effective. Now dealers can access important information including service history, warranty information and repair times. Repairs and servicing will be updated in real time, creating transparency between the dealer and the customer. Now all parties involved will be able to see a truck’s history, even before making a purchase.

Most importantly for Isuzu Trucks, this service is scalable. So, no matter how the company and the platform evolve, they’ll be able to keep up as the entire industry embraces technological solutions.

Keeping Up-to-Date With Isuzu Connect

Now more than ever, technology can help the trucking industry close the gaps created by missing information. Drivers will be able to more reliably get their vehicles serviced, and dealers and service technicians will form a more transparent, trusting relationship with their customers. Most importantly, this technology is a step towards the future for the industry, allowing companies like Isuzu Trucks to continue to deliver high-quality service.

To learn more about how Isuzu Connect is revolutionizing truck servicing, as well as vehicles from brands like Ford, Volvo, or Mack, contact Nextran Truck Centers. We have 16 locations across Georgia, Florida, and Alabama, making us the go-to for any fleet’s needs.

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