Isuzu Farm Trucks

Isuzu Farm Trucks: What to Look For

The agricultural industry is the backbone of the USA, providing the nation with food. Like any vital industry, farming has specific needs from a farm truck, depending on what the truck will be used for. Fortunately, Isuzu farm trucks, provide options that will get the job done for any farmer.

What Farmers Need From Farm Trucks

Since the 90s, farmers have been moving away from hiring truckers to haul their product and purchasing semi-trucks to use for their own business. Today, some states see over 50% of grain shipped in semi-trucks directly owned by farmers. There are a few key things to keep in mind when looking for a farm truck.

A farm truck needs to be able to carry the weight of any shipment. Unlike many industries, agriculture products aren’t always the same weight. Whether it’s cattle feed or molasses, trucks may need to hold well over 10,000 pounds.

Another huge consideration is mileage. If you only plan on using your farm truck to move equipment around, you won’t have to worry as much. But if you plan on shipping your crop, cattle or other products, you’ll want a truck that’s fuel-efficient and low maintenance.

Farmers also want to keep comfort in mind. When you’re working on the farm, you want a cab that’s comfortable and relaxing with plenty of room for multiple workers.

What Isuzu Has to Offer

Isuzu trucks offer everything a farmer needs to make sure that they can get the job done every time. Options like their N-Series Diesel Trucks or the Isuzu F-Series FTR can haul 8-15 thousand pounds. This makes it suitable to haul any crop, feed or tools necessary.

Isuzu trucks also have a modern hexagonal cab design in multiple sizes available to choose from to ensure you can accommodate your whole team on a job.

Why Farmers Prefer Isuzu Farm Trucks

Farmers use Isuzu trucks for farmwork all over America. Whether it’s for shipping molasses or for hauling cattle feed, these trucks can reliably haul the weight of any farm’s payload. Contracting a commercial truck to ship your freight can become costly. Purchasing a farm truck can be a great way to save money overall, and gives you the freedom to move heavy equipment and product as you see fit.

To learn more about Isuzu farm trucks and other options from manufacturers like Ford, Volvo, or Isuzu, contact Nextran Truck Centers. With 16 locations across Florida, Alabama and Georgia, Nextran Truck Centers is the perfect option for any farmer, fleet or trucker’s needs.

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