Isuzu Box Truck - Electric

Isuzu Box Truck the First From OEM to Go Electric

Isuzu Motors is getting serious about electric energy as the world moves to a more green place. The Japan-based manufacturer is known for its durable yet flexible medium-duty trucks that run on 4-cyl. turbo diesels. With recent world-wide efforts to go green, the company is testing out new technologies for a typical Isuzu box truck.

Isuzu featured an all-electric truck at the 2018 Work Truck Show in Indianapolis this March. The electric-featured Isuzu box truck was based on the Class 4 NPR-HD. Nordresa, a developer and manufacturer of commercial electric powertrains based out of Quebec, was chosen to modify the N-Series trucks.

The electric Isuzu box truck was whisked away post-event to begin the testing process. Brian Tabel explained in an interview with Fleet Week that “it will be tested in a number of ways and environments including weight, load capabilities, charge times, and distances possible under various loads in a range of weather and temperature conditions.”

Isuzu is hoping to have the electric medium-duty truck in the hands of consumers by late Q3/ early Q4. They foresee the truck being used mainly for pickups and delivery in urban environments like Miami where reliability will meet flexibility in tight turns and heavy traffic areas. Tabel also mentioned that larger fleet customers are requesting this environmentally friendly option as they plan for 5-15 years down the road when alternative energies will be more common, and perhaps, required.

While Isuzu is making hedgeway on alternative energy trucks, they also face a lot of obstacles along the way. One of the main concerns for the company is ensuring that fleets have access to the infrastructure to keep them moving. Charging or refueling stations for alternative fuels must be available and more abundant for fleets to utilize this new technology for the long term. Many cities still face a deficit of alternative energy charging stations for electric cars. But Tabel is optimistic that the changing environment will prove this alternative fuel Isuzu box truck a smart move for businesses throughout the country.

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