Isuzu Visibility

Can Isuzu Trucks See Around a Corner?

The answer is… not quite. However, Isuzu trucks come standard with cornering lamps to help provide additional illumination on either side of the vehicle, making night-time parking and turning safer and easier.

How are cornering lamps used on Isuzu Trucks?

In combination with a superior turn radius in comparison to other medium-duty models, Isuzu trucks come standard with cornering lights located on either side of the truck. Switching on your turn signals activates the cornering lamps, while the headlights remain forward in place. This feature improves the driver’s ability to complete tight corners and lane changes as other vehicles will be alerted to the action by the illuminated turn indicator light.

Other Visibility Enhancements on Isuzu Trucks

Improved field of vision for drivers is a primary focus for Isuzu Trucks. The N-Series and F-Series model trucks feature an enhanced forward line of sight in comparison to conventional cabs due to the low cab forward design. This Hexapod Design Concept, and the panoramic windshield and side windows, allows drivers to view objects at a much closer range than larger conventional cabs. This design also provides access to the engine for fast and easy service.

Isuzu FTR Improves Forward Line Of Sight

Optional features such as the Heated Remote Control Mirrors expedite pre-travel preparation during colder seasons while ensuring mirrors are free of ice, frost and other conditions that can reduce driver visibility.

Isuzu Trucks Safety Features for Turning

While an Isuzu truck may not be able to see around a corner, it can definitely complete sharp turns more easily than any other truck on the road thanks to the features mentioned above. While these features allow for increased visibility, it is also imperative that a turn is completed safely. It is with that in mind that Isuzu vehicles come standard with safety features meant to ease the pain of narrow streets and tight corners.

Drop side windows, passenger side ground clearance mirrors, and a reinforced steel bumper that is tied to the frame, give Isuzu trucks remarkable maneuverability with 49.5 degree wheel-cut angle for safer turning.

Isuzu Low Cab Forward Design

Isuzu trucks, light, medium and heavy-duty alike are well-known for their durable, reliable and fuel-efficient vehicles. However, their enhanced visibility and safety measures give Isuzu the upper hand when it comes to maneuverability. From the streets of Miami to the open highway, these trucks have the capability to take you where you need to go. With locations all over the Southeast, Nextran Truck Centers sell and service hundreds of Isuzu trucks and other OEM models including Mitsubishi, Ford, Volvo, and Mack. Our locations in Georgia, Florida and Alabama, including services in the greater Miami, Atlanta and Birmingham areas, are happy to assist with any and all service needs you may have

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