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The Isuzu FTR is changing the standard for Class 6 medium duty trucks. The new F-series truck from Isuzu was named the Medium-Duty Truck of the Year by Work Truck Magazine, marking the third win for Isuzu in 11 years. Popularity of the award-winning truck is spreading, particularly through certified Miami Isuzu Truck Dealers where the brand already holds a great reputation for providing comfort, reliability and sturdiness in hard use.

The Isuzu FTR was one of nine vehicles on the online ballot which asked professional fleet managers to consider which medium-duty truck model best fit their fleet requirements. The trucks were rated for application effectiveness, durability, quality, servicing, maintenance, and lifecycle costs.

Shaun Skinner, president of Isuzu Commercial Truck of America (ICTA), mentioned that this year’s award is particularly rewarding as the FTR is not your typical medium-duty truck.

“Its low-cab-forward design and proven 5.2L four-cylinder engine allows for great maneuverability and excellent fuel economy, and we are confident it will be the truck for the future,” Skinner said in an interview with Work Truck. “We are excited to see that the readers of Work Truck share that same confidence and voted the Isuzu FTR as Medium-Duty Truck of the Year.”

Isuzu BLB1037 Badged

The FTR is powered by a 5.2L 4HK1-TC turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine mated to a 6-speed Allison automatic transmission with power take-off (PTO) capability. With features like eight wheelbases to accommodate bodies from 14 to 30 feet, increased forward visibility, and a turning diameter of 43.7 to 65 feet it’s no surprise that the FTR and new models from Isuzu are setting sales records.

In 2017, Isuzu Truck Dealers retailed 22,633 Isuzu trucks to customers—a record for the brand in the US. Skinner expressed that 2018 is going to continue that momentum. With medium-duty trucks in demand, and continual growth expected over the next few years, Isuzu Truck Dealers can expect great turn around on their commercial truck sales and services.

Miami Isuzu Truck Dealers are expected to play a large part in the success of 2018. The brand’s popularity in small to medium duty truck fleets in the Miami Dade area is sure to continue with the strongest product lineup Isuzu has ever offered. The addition of the all-new Class 6 FTR provides yet another choice for drivers looking for comfort and durability and the record-breaking sales are a testament to the hard work of Isuzu dealers and field force—and, of course, the loyalty of Isuzu customers.

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