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5 Reasons to Buy an Isuzu NPR

Choosing the right fit for your fleet can be a daunting task; reviewing specs, calculating costs and considering driver comfort. Luckily, Isuzu Trucks has a reliable, flexible option to make that choice a little easier. From lighter deliveries to heavy-weight equipment hauling, the Isuzu NPR is an ideal choice for medium-duty trucking. We’ve compiled the top five reasons to add an Isuzu NPR to your fleet.

Capacity of Isuzu NPR Payload

The Isuzu NPR has a gross vehicle weight rating of 12,000-pounds. This means you can haul anything up to 6,978 pounds. With such massive utility at your command, getting the job done is a breeze– whether you’re hauling raw materials to a construction zone or delivering flowers around town.

Gasoline Over Diesel

The Isuzu NPR is the only low cab forward truck that runs on gasoline. This means you don’t have to search for a diesel pump.

Optimal Maneuverability

Isuzu Trucks are known for their enhanced visibility and capabilities in turn radius. The low cab forward design of the Isuzu NPR allows drivers to see the ground within 8 ft. in front of the truck. Its maneuverability allows drivers to make tight turns in crowded city streets safely and easily.

Flexibility in Design

Each Isuzu NPR comes with the cab and chassis. This allows to you use a box or bed depending on your hauling needs. There is also the option for a crew cabin (versus the standard style) which allows you to seat up to seven passengers.

Electric Options Forthcoming

Isuzu Trucks is at the forefront of testing alternative energy technology options. They recently announced that they would be testing an all-electric NPR model. This could mean cost savings and a lower carbon footprint for a lot of companies in the years to come, without having to sacrifice power and hauling capabilities.

The right truck is vital to extending the lifetime and performance of the vehicles in your fleet. For medium-duty jobs that require flexibility in capability, or the potential for new technologies, the Isuzu NPR is a great fit. For more information on purchasing a new or used Isuzu NPR, or for service on your current Isuzu trucks, call or visit your nearest Nextran dealership: