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Something new is coming soon…

The All-New Isuzu FTR is Right Around the Bend

The arrival of the all new Isuzu FTR Class 6 is heating up. The new FTR is a game changer when it comes to visibility and maneuverability thanks to its low cab forward design. Powered by Isuzu’s renowned Isuzu 5.2-liter 4HK1-TC turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine, the FTR will take you further for less. Interested in adding one to the fleet? The FTR hits Nextran dealerships across the Southeast in just two months. We’ll see you in November.

Three Key Features Worth Getting Excited About

Improved Line of Sight

The FTR’s low cab forward design allows for an improved line of sight compared to conventional cabs, making trips safer and easier.

Isuzu FTR Line Of Sight

Efficient Size = Efficient Turning

Navigating city streets and tight corners becomes a breeze thanks to the innovative design of the Isuzu FTR. The low cab forward design accounts for longer bodies per wheelbase but shorter overall vehicle length per body size. This doesn’t just allow for more square feet of cargo– it creates an incredibly tight turning diameter.

Isuzu curb to curb, wall to wall FTR

Built for Comfort

It isn’t all about the cargo– the driver needs space too. The FTR’s cab is designed to be as spacious and comfortable as possible. The exclusive Hexapod cab features three-across seating and extra space for storage behind the seats, while a top-of-the-line suspension seat minimizes those bumpy roads.

The Isuzu FTR Class 6 hits Nextran dealerships in November. Can’t wait until then? Browse our inventory of Isuzu trucks and more.