Industry at a Glance: Isuzu Trucks in the U.S.

The 20th and 21st centuries were crucial for the development of the nation’s economic and industrial revolution. But have you ever wondered how trucking industry advancements play a part in nation’s success and how it became the technological powerhouse that it is today? In this series we take a look at the top OEMs and their history in the United States, as well as their potential for the future. First up: Isuzu Trucks in the United States.

After 65 years in the Japanese market, Isuzu trucks made their first appearance in the U.S. Market with the KS22 (pictured above on the left). The very first KS22 truck arrived at the Port of Jacksonville, Florida in mid November 1984. It had an 87-horsepower naturally aspirated, manual transmission and was not equipped with a tilt cab. It sold to a pest control company in Jacksonville for $9,995.00.

By 1986, R. L. Polk & Company, a provider of automotive information and marketing solutions to the automotive industry, had certified Isuzu trucks as the best-selling import commercial truck in the United States. 1989 marked the beginning of sales for the 18,000 lb NRR and by June of that same year the NPR Flatlow was introduced. At that time, R.L. Polk & Company reported Isuzu trucks controlled 30% of the U.S market.

Flash forward a decade to 1994 when the gasoline-powered NPR-EFI becomes the first American-assembled Isuzu truck in the U.S. By 2002, cumulative sales of Isuzu trucks in the United States exceed 275,000 units, a small number in relation to the 259,000 average Isuzu trucks per year that the North American market is bringing in as of 2017.

In 2009, Isuzu trucks celebrated 25 years in the U.S. and in 2010 N-Series trucks became the first in their class to be EPA 2010 and CARB HD-OBD compliant, and to be 50-state clean-idle certified. Isuzu continues that commitment to sustainable energy today as they test an all-electric NPR. By 2013, Isuzu trucks had two “Medium-Duty Truck of the Year” awards under their belt with Isuzu Reach in 2012 and Isuzu N-series in 2013. This year, the new F-series truck from Isuzu was named the Medium-Duty Truck of the Year by Work Truck Magazine, marking the third win for Isuzu in 11 years and solidifying Isuzu trucks as the go-to OEM for medium-duty classes.

According to Work Truck Magazine, Isuzu trucks are the best-selling low cab forward brand in the U.S. every year since 1986. Of the all of the Isuzu-built diesel trucks sold in the United States over the last 30 years, more than 83% are still registered and in service today and there is no doubt that Isuzu trucks are here for the long-haul. Nextran Truck Centers ensures your Isuzu truck stays looking, and running smoothly. Our locations in Georgia, Florida and Alabama sell and service multiple OEMs to keep you moving forward.

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