Isuzu Trucks Cummins Heavy-Duty Potential

Could Cummins-Powered Heavy-Duty Trucks Be on the Horizon From Isuzu Trucks?

Late last year Isuzu Trucks and Cummins Inc. announced their intent to explore global options for collaboration on future projects. The agreement between the two companies to explore product-sharing opportunities opens immense possibilities for both. But more importantly, it teases industry development unlike anything we have seen to date. With that, the announcement between the leading automaker and the large-engine developer begs to ask the question, could a heavy-duty truck sporting a Cummins engine be on the horizon from Isuzu Trucks?

Known for their success in the medium-duty truck market, Isuzu Trucks has a reputation for producing reliable, durable vehicles with unparalleled maneuverability and driver visibility. In a press release, Isuzu Trucks said that the trucking industry is looking at “a once-in-a-century innovation” given the huge diversity in automotive engine types, including electrification in more developed markets. The partnership between Cummins and Isuzu may just bring that “once-in-a-century” development. As a company that wants to stay ahead of industry trends, and is currently working on environmentally-friendly options, including their recently announced all-electric NPR, it’s possible that Isuzu Trucks plans to utilize Cummins’ advanced technology in large, diesel engines in its favor. Whether the innovative new offering is the matchup of the lightweight Cummins X12 engine and the Isuzu Trucks heavy-duty truck chassis, or perhaps something a bit larger, there is no doubt that the pairing is one worth keeping an eye on.

This announcement comes just a few short months after Isuzu Trucks announced its plans to release an all-electric model of the NPR. For now, the potential for heavy-duty trucks from Isuzu in partnership with Cummins, Inc. is all speculation. However, the agreement to explore product sharing and new technologies does promise that we can expect a lot from the matchup. For more help with purchasing a new or used Isuzu truck, or for service on your current Isuzu trucks, call or visit your nearest Nextran dealership:

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