Isuzu Truck Fest 2018

Isuzu Truck Fest 2018 Reminds Us Why We Love Isuzu Trucks

2018 is the year of Isuzu Trucks. After wrapping up the 11th year of Isuzu Philippines Corp’s Isuzu Truck Fest in Cebu, we are reminded of why Isuzu is the powerhouse OEM that it is. The annual event, which was held at Northwing Covered Parking of SM City Cebu from July 6 to 8, showcases the very best and latest from Isuzu’s commercial lineup.

During the Isuzu Truck Fest 2018-Cebu, Isuzu’s mastery of versatility and flexibility in commercial trucks was highlighted by their updated N-series lineup. Attendees of the event were greeted with free admission to view the latest offerings of the Japan-based manufacturer where exclusive deals, discounts and promos for parts and vehicle purchases were available.

“Our company has been the consistent number one truck brand in the country for 18 years. Isuzu globally is known for its durable and dependable trucks that can withstand challenging business operations, but what is more important is the support that we provide to our clients along with every purchase”, said Isuzu Philippines Corporation president Hajime Koso at Isuzu Truck Fest 2018 in Cebu, according to Top Gear.

At the company’s April Truck Fest in Pasay City attendees were stunned by the full lineup of business movers shown in various applications and configurations. According to, “the best-selling N-Series light truck that is available in seven body applications; NLR 77 Flexitruck, NLR85 Refrigerated Van, NMR85 Cab & Chassis, NPR85 Aluminum Van with tailgate, NQR75 Dropside, NKR71 Fruehauf Refrigerated Van and the special Fruehauf Refrigerated cutaway van body,” stole the show as it repeatedly has done over the last decade.

The F-Series medium duty trucks like the FSR34 flatbed, FV34 dropside with crane and the FVM34 G-Cargo Fruehauf wing van were also featured for their strong dependability. In March 2018, Work Truck Magazine named the Isuzu FTR the Medium-Duty Truck of the year. Isuzu Truck Fest 2018 in both Cebu and Pasay City also showcased the C and E Series line that consist of the CYZ dump truck, EXR52 tractor head and EXZ52 tractor head with trailer, which are all a part of their heavy duty truck lineups.

Isuzu trucks, light, medium and heavy duty alike are well-known for their durable, reliable and fuel-efficient vehicles. From the streets of Miami to the open highway, Isuzu trucks have the capability to take you where you need to go. For more information on purchasing a new or used truck, or for service, call or visit your nearest Nextran dealership:

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