Commercial Truck Warranties for Your Fleets

Everything You Should Know About Commercial Truck Warranties

Like any business operator, semi-truck owners need to make sure they’re protecting any investment. Commercial truck warranties are one of the most important investments you can make for your fleet. When there’s an emergency, downtime and repairs can sink any trucking operation. That’s why warranties are a must for truck owners.

Why a Warranty Matters

When you purchase a new Ford, Mack, Volvo or other semi-truck, you have a few options available for warranties. An OEM warranty is offered by the brand, and trucking centers like Nextran Truck Centers uphold those warranties. Standard OEM warranties will cover most major repairs for the first 24 months or 250,000 miles driven. For example, Volvo’s warranty covers the replacement or the repair of failed components as long as they were properly maintained.

You can also find after-market warranties from dealerships that work a lot like insurance. They aren’t offered by the OEM, and are instead brokered by a middle-man. There are different types of aftermarket warranties that cover different issues. Usually, they’re offered on any truck that meets the broker’s maintenance requirements. Purchasing an aftermarket warranty comes at an additional cost. However, it could make sure you are not stuck with pricey repair costs down the line.

New Commercial Truck Warranties

When you purchase a new truck, it will come with the OEM warranty in addition to optional aftermarket commercial truck warranties. You’ll want to get an aftermarket warranty on a new semi-truck if you feel that the OEM warranty is too restrictive, or if you’ll likely be meeting the mile limit quickly.

Aftermarket warranties allow you to get more comprehensive coverage, with some plans offering coverage even in the event of poor maintenance. In the event of an accident, expensive repairs won’t sink your fleet’s finances.

Used Commercial Truck Warranties

Until recently, the only option for pre-owned trucks was aftermarket warranties. OEM warranties would only apply to new vehicles, and all maintenance and repairs for pre-owned trucks were up to the owner. However, both Volvo and Mack have begun to offer factory warranties for pre-owned vehicles.

This means that, rather than relying on a middle-man, you can get a commercial truck warranty that comes straight from the brand. It’s currently only offered to trucks that meet each company’s standards. For example, Volvo offers it to trucks that are less than 4 model years old and have less than 450,000 miles.

Protect Your Fleet With Warranties

Few machines will see as much use as a heavy-duty truck, meaning that maintenance and servicing can be tough on the wallet. But an unexpected engine failure can cost you upwards of $20,000. By taking advantage of commercial truck warranties for both new and used heavy-duty trucks, you can prevent those losses.

To learn more about how you can protect your fleet with commercial truck warranties on trucks from brands like Ford, Volvo or Mack, contact Nextran Truck Centers. With 16 locations across Georgia, Florida, and Alabama, we’re here for all your trucking needs.

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