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Volvo Semi Trucks: What Each Series Brings to the Table

Every new series of Volvo semi trucks is designed with business owners, fleet managers and drivers of all vocations in mind. With each release, the OEM further diversifies its offerings to give customers more options when it comes time to choose their next semi truck. So what’s each series’s story?

5 Volvo Semi Truck Series: Here’s What You Should Know

At Nextran Truck Centers, we aren’t just your Volvo dealers in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. We’re your partner for the long haul. We’re here to give you the best available information so that you can make the best possible decisions for you or your business. Today, that means taking a look at the features of each Volvo semi truck series to discover its benefits and ideal applications.

1. VNL Series

This is Volvo’s dedicated long-haul series. It combines high efficiency with premium comfort and extra amenities to accommodate the longest of journeys. Simply put, it was built to make life on the road both more pleasant and more profitable. The exterior of these trucks has been redesigned to provide enhanced airflow and visibility while requiring less maintenance. And drivers will just have to experience the optimized ergonomic features themselves. See which VNL models are in stock at Nextran.

2. VNR Series

The R stands for “regional” in the name of this Volvo semi truck series. Drivers can expect ergonomic interiors that minimize distraction, as well as similarly efficient exteriors to the closely related VNL models. The VNR series is a little more street smart, able to handle tighter turns. It’s designed to comfortably maneuver urban delivery environments, so regional-haul drivers can rest easy—wherever the GPS takes them.

3. VNX Series

With the VNX Series, we’re talking heavy-haul applications and long combination vehicles, from machinery transport to logging. Its rugged models have a combination of muscle and maneuverability that will exceed the expectations of any heavy-haul driver. These Volvo semi trucks are available with up to 2,050 lb-feet of torque and up to 605 hp. Their GCWRs range from 125,000 to 160,000 lbs. Additionally, optional axles and longer fifth-wheel slides can help you meet a variety of weight distribution stipulations. 

4. VHD Series

The models in this series are known for mixing enhanced off-highway capability with premium on-highway attributes. That’s what makes the VHD such a versatile vocational performer. If you’re looking to minimize operating costs but still need the strength necessary for vocational hauling, one of these models might be perfect for you. Nextran Truck Centers can set you up with one of our VHD 300s or VHD 400s in no time.

5. VAH Series

Purpose-built for auto transporters everywhere, the VAH family of Volvo semi trucks can handle loads of up to 11 vehicles. Vehicle transport drivers know how tough loading cars and other vehicles can be on their equipment. That’s why these models have many of the same heavy-duty features you’ll find on off-highway vocational trucks like those in the VHD series. And, depending on the model, this series has available roof heights of up to 102.5 inches.

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