Volvo’s New Driver Display Gives Control to Truck Drivers

Volvo’s heavy trucks have a new driver display that gives truck drivers control of system updates as well as their engine performance. Called Driver Display Activation, or DDA, this feature is now standard on all new heavy Volvo trucks built after November 30, 2020, and it’s available free for the first two years as part of the Remote Diagnostics bundle. Instead of taking time out of busy route schedules and going to a shop for software updates, this display gives drivers the ability to perform the updates themselves at a time that’s convenient. Drivers are able to keep truck systems updated and optimized, lending to better truck performance and more satisfied drivers. Let’s take a closer look.

Driver Display Activation Interface

The Driver Display Activation is fast and easy for truck drivers to use. Drivers receive an update alert on the display, and they can make the update anytime after that when it’s convenient. To use it, drivers need to navigate through the easy-to-use interface on the dashboard of their trucks to make the update to the software. The display provides options for drivers to enhance engine and transmission performance, too, to maximize every mile. Drivers can also use the display to help account for any after market products installed on their truck and to optimize performance of those upgrades. Simply access the interface and go through the settings. It’s that easy. 

Giving Drivers Control

The new Driver Display Activation is unique in that it allows over-the-air connectivity. This means it can be accessed anywhere and anytime, with updates only taking a few minutes. Compared to the hours it used to take waiting at a shop for updates to be installed, this new display offers a huge benefit in saving Volvo heavy truck drivers both time and money making these updates in order to ensure optimal performance. The convenience factor also helps ensure updates will be made, thus keeping Volvo trucks performing well for longer periods of time.

The DDA works for operators and drivers of fleet trucks, too. While many fleets decide to give the truck operator full permission to make the updates as prompted by the display, other fleets still want to retain that control to ensure the entire fleet is operating as expected. To satisfy this need, the DDA has a password option so that only those with the password are able to make the updates.

Whatever the need, the Driver Display Activation is flexible and able to be configured to work with the operator or fleet’s needs. All preferences can be managed remotely by calling Volvo Action Service, which is available 24/7 in the U.S. and Canada via 1-800-52-VOLVO.

Have an Older Volvo Truck?

Though the Driver Display Activation went into full production on new Volvo heavy trucks built starting on November 30, 2020, older trucks can still get in on the benefits of DDA, too. Trucks 2018 model year and older can apply a conversion kit available from the diagnostic application Volvo Premium Tech Tool. Install and activation time is typically less than an hour.

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