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Volvo Trucks Introduces A New Monitoring System To Maximize Uptime.

Volvo Trucks announced last week new methods to monitor and analyze critical components in real time. A new tire monitoring system has been launched in Sweden as well as a major test pilot for other advanced monitoring of trucks in Europe. With goals of implementing artificial intelligence, these new monitoring methods will help predict and prevent potential accidents, breakdowns, unplanned stops and maintenance costs.

Tire Monitoring System - Volvo Trucks

The new tire management service measures the pressure and temperature in real time. The results can be monitored through an app, helping both the driver and fleet manager to identify hard to see damage like slow punctures which will help avoid possible blowouts that cause unplanned delays in travel and high maintenance costs. The new tire management system also promotes lower fuel consumption and longer tire life due to its visibility at maintaining proper tire pressure and temperature.

Perhaps one of the most interesting components to the system is its ability to alert the nearest Volvo dealer and service center. When a potential problem is detected by the monitoring system, the customer’s local service center is notified so that preventative measures can be put in place.

“We’re looking at uptime from a customer perspective. Our focus is really to secure that the customer has no unplanned stops,” said Markus Efraimsson, Vice President of Uptime at Volvo Trucks.

Volvo Trucks says the next step is machine learning and introducing artificial intelligence in order to collect and analyze large amounts of truck data for research and development. By using advanced modelling and analytics, the goal is to identify hidden patterns within Volvo vehicles to predict component failures far in advance so that repairs and service can be done during scheduled service visits. With AI and advanced computer technologies in place, it will allow Volvo Trucks to learn more about the health and performance of their vehicles over time, thus enabling it to provide enhanced model upgrades and safer new trucks.