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Truck Safety Creates an Efficient Trucking Company

We’ve all heard the expression “safety first.” It’s a phrase that’s extremely relevant to the trucking industry as it relates to the driver behind the wheel and everyone else on the road. But safety has even bigger implications for trucking companies. It breeds efficiencies that keep organizations running strong and profitable. 

Building a Culture of Safety

When people are committed to safety it shows. Less accidents. Less downtime. Higher morale. And everybody, from the drivers to the chief executive officer, plays an important role. Let’s look at a few ways to implement a culture of safety.

  • Training. Before they hit the road, make sure new drivers have plenty of time behind the wheel. After a driver receives his/her CDL, some companies require 175 hours of additional training, including dozens of hours spent operating the truck in reverse. 
  • Incentives. Many trucking companies are rewarding their drivers with bonuses for practicing safe driving. Monetary awards, trips, time off and more can be excellent motivators.
  • Technology. The use of cameras and telematics can help determine who’s staying safe on the road. And it can help limit liability in accident situations.
  • Communication. Nobody is perfect. But if leadership isn’t taking the time to address safety issues with drivers and other employees, then things can really go downhill. Set clear guidelines and if they aren’t being followed, have a conversation immediately.
  • Regular Maintenance. Making sure your fleet is in tip-top condition, from new brakes to properly inflated tires, will help drivers and their payload arrive safe and sound.

Safety Benefits Your Bottom Line

One of the best things about focusing on safety is how it builds an efficient trucking company. Deliveries are more likely to arrive on time. Insurance claims or legal entanglements from accidents won’t bring your operation to a halt. It’s a win-win for you. 

New Trucks are Built for Safety

Whether they’re heavy- or medium-duty, many of today’s trucks have the latest safety features standard. And we would be more than happy to tell you all about vehicles from Mack, Volvo, Ford and Isuzu.  Visit one of Nextran Truck Centers 18 locations across Florida, Georgia, and Alabama to see how we can help you. Contact Nextran Truck Centers today.

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