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The New Volvo Trucks Allow Drivers to Activate Over-the-Air Updates

Volvo Trucks is always looking for ways to improve owner/operator experience and to increase fleet efficiency. That’s why every series of new Volvo trucks is designed with business owners, fleet managers and drivers of every vocation in mind. The latest time-saving upgrade to Volvo heavy trucks maximizes uptime via an enhancement to the OEM’s Remote Programming service. The updated application puts more power in the hands of operators and greatly reduces administration time.

Driver Display Activation Offers More Convenience for Owners & Operators

In a December statement, Volvo Trucks announced that the Driver Display Activation (DDA) application has been added to Remote Programming as part of the OEM’s Remote Diagnostics bundle of Uptime Services. What does that mean for drivers? It means they can directly initiate over-the-air software updates when it’s most convenient, giving them 24/7 access to Volvo Action Service (VAS). Drivers of earlier Volvo heavy truck models without the DDA application are required to call a VAS agent who then begins the requested remote update.

Successful Pilot Program Leads to Integration in All the New Volvo Trucks

The decision to add the DDA application to new Volvo trucks comes after a successful four-month pilot program showed owners and operators that the new addition gave them a faster, more flexible way to make updates. These updates include enhancements to software and parameters that improve a truck’s engine, transmission and aftertreatment performance. Actually, the DDA application proved itself throughout many pilot testing phases. The pilot program involved a sample of dealer stock trucks as well as more than 500 customer trucks across 15 separate over-the-road and vocational fleets.

Despite some initial reluctance on the part of many drivers and fleet managers, some reports conclude that the DDA interface helps cut updating and administration time in half. The addition is available free of charge on all the new Volvo trucks built after November 30, 2020. So drivers and owners of those models can look forward to significant uptime and productivity gains.

Older Volvo Trucks Models Can Be Adapted to Allow DDA

Data has shown that trucks running the latest software versions experience more efficiency, have less downtime and throw fewer faults. And Volvo Trucks wants all its operators to receive these benefits. That’s why the OEM has created a conversion kit available in the Volvo Premium Tech Tool diagnostic application that will adapt model-year 2018 Volvo heavy trucks to allow DDA. Support is available 24/7 through the Volvo Trucks Uptime Center, but you don’t even have to contact a VAS agent to perform the upgrade. However, owners and operators who wish to update multiple vehicles simultaneously will need to contact VAS.

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The new Volvo truck capability allowed by the DDA application is just the most recent example of how the OEM puts the needs of its drivers, owners and fleet managers first. To learn more about the latest Volvo heavy trucks, as well as other options from brands like Mack Trucks, Ford and Isuzu, contact Nextran Truck Centers. We have 18 locations across Florida, Georgia and Alabama, making us the perfect option for any fleet’s services or purchasing needs. We’re here to keep you moving forward.


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