The Isuzu N Series

The Isuzu N Series Makeover Sets the Standard

For many years, Isuzu has been one of the leaders in the automotive industry. By focusing on an attitude of continual improvement, Isuzu has positioned itself as one of the major authorities in the field. This hasn’t stopped, as the Isuzu N Series recently got a makeover as well. Recently, Isuzu commercial truck of America unveiled several major changes that are going to take place regarding its diesel trucks in the N series. The trucks will be designated as model year 2022i and many of the changes were announced during the virtual trade show that took place during National Truck Equipment Association’s Work Truck Week. 

A Date Has Been Set for the Production of the New Isuzu N Series Truck Line

Already, a production date has been set for the upgraded Isuzu N series models. Production of the 2022i Isuzu N series trucks will start in July. Shortly after that, the truck model should be available at more than 300 dealers spread throughout the United States. New Isuzu N series trucks will also be available around this time in Canada. Therefore, it should be relatively easy for anyone who would like to give the new Isuzu N series trucks a try to test drive a few options before they make a decision regarding which one would be best for them. 

There Are Numerous New Standards for the Isuzu N Series

There are a lot of new standard features that are coming to the Isuzu N series. For example, there is an electronic vehicle stability control (EVSC) system that is going to be paired with an anti-slip regulation. This should allow the wheel disc brakes to respond more reliably. Of course, the Isuzu N series is also receiving a new exterior and interior design pattern. 

In addition, the upgrade is also going to include an advanced driver assistance system. This should include automatic braking along with a lane departure assist warning system. There will also be new optional and standard fuel tanks for those who are looking for improvements in this area. All of this is going to improve the performance of the Isuzu N series.

Isuzu Will Also Include Improvements for the Disc Brakes

In addition, Isuzu is also going to be adding rear disc brakes to the front disc brakes that are already standard. These front disc brakes have been reliable in numerous diesel models. The rear disc brakes should be reliable as well. These rear disc brakes are going to be part of a new power-assisted braking system. Furthermore, they are also going to play a crucial role in the anti-lock braking system that has become so reliable and current Isuzu trucks. 

What’s the normal vacuum assist braking system has reached its limit, a hydraulic unit will provide additional line pressure. This should allow the diesel truck to stop faster and more reliably. Already, the vacuum assist feature from Isuzu has been standard and numerous models. It has performed well, causing the automotive manufacturer to expand its role.

What the Changes Mean for the Future of the Isuzu N Series

In the end, these changes are simply another reflection of Isuzu’s dedication to its drivers. Even though many people still have questions about the changes that are coming to the Isuzu N series, Isuzu believes that these changes are going to have a positive impact on drivers and business owners everywhere. It will be interesting to see how the trucks perform once they reach the open market. Many people believe they are going to be an upgrade over the current Isuzu models that are on the road.


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