Nextran holds strong in the Mack Leasing System


GREENSBORO, N.C.— Mack Leasing System, which offers lease, rental and contract maintenance agreements for Mack Trucks customers in North America, added 19 member dealer locations in 2015, bringing its total to 210 full-service Mack Trucks dealers that offer leasing options in addition to traditional sales, parts and service.

In the past five years, the number of facilities that offer full-service leasing and rental through Mack Leasing System has grown by nearly 50 percent.

“Along with access to Mack’s latest truck models and technology, many of our customers want the predictable operating costs that a maintenance contract can provide,” said Matt Peterson, Mack Leasing System director of North American leasing and contract services. “With more Mack dealers now part of the Mack Leasing System network, we have greater flexibility in meeting our customers’ heavy-duty transport needs.”

To streamline the maintenance and repair experience and increase uptime, customers that lease or rent their vehicles through Mack Leasing System receive access to the expert care and extensive parts inventories that only Mack dealers can offer, Peterson said, adding that customers can choose from a menu of options that include preventive maintenance, repairs, licensing and substitute vehicles.

“Advanced technologies built into our trucks today require special diagnostic tools and expert technicians,” Peterson said. “With either a full-service lease or a maintenance contract, customers have the added assurance of an accurate diagnosis and fast turnaround to get them back on the road.”

Mack Leasing System also offers the convenience of maintenance contracts to customers who own their trucks. Sunbelt Rentals, Inc., one of the largest equipment rental companies in North America with more than 550 locations, is one of Mack’s customers with such an agreement.

“Sunbelt chose to partner with Mack Leasing System under a guaranteed maintenance agreement because it reduces downtime, provides us with a ‘one-stop shop,’ and makes it much easier for us to forecast our truck maintenance budget by leveling out the costs over the life of the truck,” said Eric Jahnsen, Sunbelt Rentals transportation services and sourcing manager.

Mack Leasing System accounted for more than 11 percent of Mack highway trucks delivered last year, making it the brand’s largest customer in North America.

About 18 percent of transportation industry customers in the region opted to rent or lease their trucks in 2015.

The 19 new locations include Northwest Equipment Sales (Northwest Leasing), Boise, Idaho; Northwest Equipment Sales, (Northwest Leasing), Twin Falls, Idaho; Northwest Equipment Sales (Northwest Leasing), Hermiston, Oregon; French Ellison Truck Center, (Premier Leasing), Pharr, Texas; French Ellison Truck Center, (Premier Leasing), Laredo, Texas; French Ellison Truck Center (Premier Leasing), Corpus Christi, Texas; Interstate Trucksource (Interstate Truck Leasing), Saginaw, Michigan; Tri-State Truck Center (Tri-State Leasing), Springfield, Missouri; Southwest Mack Trucks (Southwest Leasing), El Paso, Texas; Vomac Truck S & S (Vomac Leasing), Evansville, Indiana; Mobile Fleet Service (Mobile Fleet Service Truck Leasing), Yakima, Washington; Baltimore Truck Center (Potomac Truck Leasing), Hagerstown, Maryland; Potomac Truck Center (Potomac Truck Leasing, Bladensburg, Maryland; M&K Truck Centers (M&K Truck Leasing of Illinois), Des Plaines, Illinois; Camions Mack Montreal (9093451 Canada),  Dorval, Quebec, Canada; Mack Laval (9093451 Canada), Laval, Quebec, Canada; Mack Ste-Foy, (Location MSF), Quebec, Quebec, Canada; Nextran Truck Center (Tampa Nextran Rental & Leasing), Tampa, Florida; and Nextran Corp. (Nextran Rental & Leasing), Macon, Georgia.

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