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4 Tips for Maximizing Commercial Trucks’ Cab Space

Commercial trucks act as a second home for long-haul drivers. When you spend dozens of hours per week in a cab, space becomes a necessity. Whether you have a small, medium or large cab, you’ll want to make sure you’re maximizing your space. These tips will make your cab feel as spacious as possible.

1. Invest in Semi-Truck Accessories

Accessories are a staple for vehicle interiors, but they can be vital for commercial trucks. From organizers to mounts, you can get a hold of all sorts of add-ons for your cab to make it a more ergonomic, organized space. Phone mounts can increase driver safety by making it easier to see the GPS if you are not using a built-in screen. Behind-the-seat folders allow you to store items efficiently. The list of in-cab accessories is almost endless; however, ensure that you do not over-stock on accessories as that can be counterproductive.

2. Take Advantage of Crevices in Your Commercial Trucks

No matter what size commercial truck you have, there are all sorts of nooks and crannies you can take advantage of, especially for non-essential items. Consider storing long objects like a broom on the floor behind your seat, or keep papers in a hard folder between cushions. You can quickly free up tons of space this way, making a medium-duty truck feel like a large semi.

3. Store Like Items Together

It’s easy to toss items into a drawer or cabinet when you’re on the road. By designating specific spaces for similar items, this allows you to be more organized, access things in a quicker manner and consolidate items. A prime example is to keep all dishes in one drawer, all foodstuffs in the same cabinet and all cleaning materials together. 

4. Suspend Organizers from the Ceiling of Your Commercial Trucks

You can find all sorts of hooks that attach to your truck that allow you to suspend organizers from the ceiling of your cab. This gives you additional folder and shelf space for lighter items like clothes, CDs, papers and other things. However, be sure not to place fragile items in these organizers, since they could break if the hook comes undone.

Using All of Your Semi Truck’s Space

When you’re in for a long-haul, or even if your truck is used for short drives, you want to maximize your cab space and organization. No matter what sized vehicle you have, you can take advantage of these tips to get even more room out of your cab.

For more information about getting a spacious truck cab from manufacturers like Ford, Volvo, or Mack, contact Nextran Truck Centers. With 16 locations across Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, Nextran Truck Centers is the perfect option for any fleet’s needs.