Mack Pinnacle

The Mack Pinnacle – The Pinnacle of Success

Old-school grit and power. Uncompromising comfort for drivers. Advanced technology for fleets. Aptly named, the Mack Pinnacle represents everything that Mack Trucks works to uphold. But what makes this heavy-duty truck a true workhouse both on and off the highway?

The Basics: 

The Mack Pinnacle features tough interior and exterior components with advanced technology and engineering that make it durable on tough terrain and long, highway hauls.

The Pinnacle’s Advantage™ Chassis frame rails support heavy loads. It also provides clean wheel cuts for quick and easy maneuvering. A forward axle position spreads the load to maximize your payload. A low center of gravity offers unstoppable stability. The Pinnacle also has high ground clearance for when it’s time to take the heavy-duty truck off-highway.

The Uses: 

Long-distance or regional hauling 

Like all Mack Trucks, the Mack Pinnacle is durable, reliable and promotes driver comfort for maximized productivity. It also boasts enhanced performance and fuel economy to save you money on long hauls. But the Mack Pinnacle isn’t limited to long-distance travel. It delivers the same performance, power and fuel economy while maintaining maneuverability necessary for regional hauls.

Flatbed and lowboy 

For heavy-duty hauling, the Pinnacle models are great choices for the flatbed and lowboy operations. It delivers strength and durability needed to get the job done successfully, and effortlessly.

Bulk hauling

The Pinnacle is surprisingly lightweight, which allows it to handle big, bulk loads with flexible PTO options without sacrificing power or ease of use.

Under the Mack Pinnacle Hood

The Mack Pinnacle features industry-leading technology. Mack Trucks’ exclusive uptime solution, Mack Connect, combines software, analytics and driver technologies to ensure time isn’t wasted on routine service needs.

It also features the mDrive HD automated manual transmission. This provides flexible gearing for low-speed applications, as well as improved startability for heavy loads. All of this without sacrificing proper gearing or fuel efficiency.

The Mack Pinnacle also has the MP8HE direct injection diesel line. This combines the performance of Mack Trucks’ MP8 engine with the high efficiency of Energy Recovery Technology to capture lost energy and convert it to torque, thus reducing overall fuel consumption.

Driving Everywhere in the Mack Pinnacle

From heavy loads to steep grades and long hauls, the Mack Pinnacle delivers. It is engineered for better control and comfort on the road. As many Mack Trucks are, the Pinnacle is driver-focused, featuring a multitude of enhancements in the fully redesigned cab environment to ensure that productivity and comfort are at the forefront of day-to-day operations.

Available in both a day cab and sleeper style, the Pinnacle is designed for versatility while retaining comfort. It features additional storage, Mack-exclusive seats, steering wheel controls and D-panel dash with 4 optional auxiliary gauges.

For those needing an area to sleep in, the 70-inch StandUp Sleeper environment had 35% more space to ensure drivers are well-rested.

For more information on the Mack Pinnacle, or for service to your current Mack Trucks fleet, contact Nextran Truck Centers. With 16 locations across the southeast in Alabama, Georgia and Florida, we’re here to keep you moving forward.

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