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Keep Your Truck Ready With Routine Maintenance

When your truck runs great, it works for you. It gets you to the next job, hauls the cargo, provides living quarters — it’s everything you need it to be. But when something goes wrong, be it tires or transmission, life seems to stop until it’s fixed. Just like any vehicle, your lifeline needs regular maintenance to help protect it from bigger repairs, and bigger breaks in time, down the road. That’s why Nextran USA has so many locations throughout the southeast with heavy-duty truck services you can depend on. We’re here when you need us for routine truck maintenance to planned truck repairs and even the unexpected. 

Oil Changes

Depending on the elements you drive in, your heavy truck needs an oil change every 10,000 to 25,000 miles. If you’ve been driving the same routes for years, you probably know when it’s time. But if you’re driving a range of terrains that put your truck through more stress, or if you’re new to driving, it’s important to know when your engine needs fresh oil. Not only do regular oil changes help prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your truck, but they help keep the engine healthy and can also help you get the best fuel economy. Check the dipstick regularly to determine engine oil levels, and if it’s low, head in to get it changed. If you get an engine light indicating low oil, head in immediately. 

Tire Maintenance

Maintaining your heavy-duty truck’s tires seems like a big job, but proper care goes a long way to protecting everything riding on them — literally. Proper care includes regular tire rotation and wheel alignment, especially after any frame repairs. You’ll also want to keep the tire pressure at the indicated level. You can keep an eye on this every time you fuel up. The way you drive can also impact your tires. Smooth stops, slower turns and easy lane changes will help increase the life of your tires.

Engine Care

From valves to engine brakes, clutches, fuel vents, and radiators, regular engine maintenance for your heavy-duty truck is crucial to keeping you on the road. As you do your own truck inspection before every trip, check the fuel vent for blockages (things like leaves, small twigs, and even bee or wasp nests), ensure there are no leaks in your radiator, and check the brake rotors. Be sure they’re not making any noise or vibrations when slowing or stopping. If any of these show obvious issues, it’s time for heavy-duty truck service.

Routine truck maintenance should be top of mind every time you get in your truck, especially at the start of every job. That’s why Nextran USA has truck centers all across the southeast, giving you peace of mind with every service or repair need your truck has. Our trained technicians provide quality preventative maintenance on all makes and models. We also have truck repair and service specials. Whether it’s your own truck or part of a fleet, we can help with all your truck service needs. Find a Nextran location near you, and stop in next time you see us.