Keep Up With Routine Maintenance and Heavy Duty Truck Services

Keep Up With Routine Maintenance and Heavy Duty Truck Services

It’s important to keep heavy duty trucks in top condition. Whether you’re an owner/operator or part of a fleet, booking your heavy duty truck services with Nextran is easy. Our commercial truck maintenance services are available at all of our locations nationwide, and we’re there when you need us, committed to keeping you on the road. Our experienced maintenance technicians can service any make and model, including Mack and Volvo trucks, at our Certified Uptime Centers. When you need oil changes, transmission repair or another type of commercial truck repair, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn about the routine maintenance we offer and the service specials to help keep your truck on the road longer. 

Oil Changes

Your heavy truck needs an oil change every 10,000 to 25,000 miles. If you drive often, you know when it’s time for an oil change. However, if you’re new to driving or if you’ve been driving in different conditions such as snow and ice or mountainous terrain, it can put more stress on your truck. More frequent oil changes can help keep your rig running at its best. If it’s time for an oil change or if you’re getting close, don’t push your truck to its breaking point. Stop into your nearest Nextran service center today for an oil change. Did you know? Regular oil changes help you get better fuel economy, too. 


Your truck’s transmission is its lifeline. Keep it running smoothly with semi truck maintenance services. Our experts are experienced in every type of transmission repair, including differentials, transfer cases and more. If it’s time for a new transmission, our service experts will get you taken care of so your uptime stays at a maximum.

DPFs, Engine, Antifreeze, Coolant and Cabin Filter Changes

Get the most out of your truck by changing your engine’s filters regularly. From diesel particle filters (DPFs) to engine filters, coolant filters and cabin air filters, our experts will maintain your truck and keep you outfitted with the filters you need to get the best fuel economy, acceleration and performance. 


Care for your rig in extreme temperatures, too. From snow and ice in winter to exhaustive heat in summer, our maintenance technicians will keep your antifreeze and coolant levels in check so your truck is always running strong, no matter the conditions you run into on the open road. 

Tire Maintenance

From new tires to tire rotations, inspections, snow chains and more, tire upkeep is a big part of commercial truck maintenance. After all, keeping your tires on the road means keeping your truck on the job. When you need regular tire maintenance, trust your truck with our expert technicians. Your uptime is our top priority so you’ll be in, out and back on the road in no time. 

Need emergency tire maintenance? Whether it’s a blown out tire on the highway or a slow air leak from a nail, reach out to us to see if 24/7 roadside assistance is available in your area.

Other Routine Maintenance

At Nextran service centers, we’ve got a wide range of routine truck maintenance services to help keep your truck running strong. From valves and engine brakes to clutches, fuel vents, radiators and more, we make commercial truck maintenance easy. 


When you need medium or heavy duty truck services, stop into Nextran where we’ve got your truck maintenance top of mind. Our experienced maintenance technicians at every location can service any make and model heavy truck, including Mack and Volvo. We also have commercial truck repair and service specials. Whether it’s your own truck or part of a fleet, let us help with all your commercial truck maintenance needs. Find a Nextran location near you, and stop in next time you see us.   

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