CVSA’s Brake-Focused Inspection Week

Get Ready for CVSA’s Brake-Focused Inspection Week

How much do you know about brake safety? As one of the most important parts on your commercial truck, brake safety is crucial, and keeping an eye on wear and tear is something that should always be top of mind. To help emphasize the importance of brake safety, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is holding its annual Brake Safety Week August 22 – 28. Also known as CVSA Inspection Week, this national enforcement campaign is focused on keeping commercial truck brakes in proper working order and compliant with national standards. But what exactly is Brake Safety Week and what does it mean for you, the driver? Let’s find out. 

Brake Safety Week

Taking place from August 22 to 28, CVSA Inspection Week 2021 sets out to inspect the brake systems on commercial motor vehicles, including commercial trucks. Qualified inspectors will conduct North American Standard Inspections on brake systems, and commercial vehicles found to be in violation of the standards will be removed from roadways. Drivers will need to upgrade or repair any violations before returning the vehicle to regular road service. 

This year’s focus area is brake hoses and tubing, so inspectors will also compile data from that area of the inspection. Following the week, inspectors will send the collected data to CVSA to report the findings later in the year. 

The Why

Why is the CVSA taking brake safety so seriously? Last year alone, during the three-day International Roadcheck inspection and enforcement initiative, 38.6% of all commercial vehicle violations were within the brake system. Brake system failures also account for a third of all passenger vehicle crashes. While this particular data set does not pertain to commercial vehicles, it still underlines the importance of keeping your commercial truck brakes in excellent working condition.

Know Your Brakes

Brake Safety Week is the perfect time to get a brake inspection. You should be doing this before every trip so while it’s recommended to get out there and figuratively kick the tires yourself, getting your brakes properly inspected by a licensed mechanic is always a good idea. A brake inspection will help ensure your commercial vehicle is safe, fit for the road, and compliant with national standards for commercial vehicles. 

What To Expect

During last year’s CVSA Brake Safety Week, 12% of inspected vehicles (of a total 43,565 vehicles) were identified as having brake-related violations. As a result, they were taken off the road and placed out of service. When this happens, it’s up to the driver, or the fleet manager, to get the vehicle repaired or upgraded to pass inspection before it can get back on the road. This time delay can snowball, especially with so many other commercial trucks potentially needing repair at the same time. 

Don’t be caught off guard — for an accident or for a brake inspection. Be confident that your brakes are safe and compliant with the national standards, and keep them that way. Get your commercial vehicle brakes inspected at your nearest Nextran USA location. If repairs are needed, our trained technicians can provide the quality service your truck or fleet needs. We also offer service specials. Whether it’s your own truck or part of a fleet, we can help with everything your truck needs. Find a Nextran location near you, and stop in ahead of CVSA Inspection Week 2021 to make sure your brake system is safe and compliant. 

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