Mack Granite as a Construction Truck

Finding the Best Construction Truck for Your Job

Your construction truck is more than a way to move about your job site, it defines your ability to do your work in an efficient manner. It is a symbol of your company. This is why it is vital to match the truck to your needs. When searching for a new vehicle to add to your construction fleet, there are a few things to consider:

Durability Inside and Out:

Construction is one of the most physically demanding jobs. This is also true when it comes to your truck. You need to consider the durability of your new construction truck, both inside and out. Make sure to find something with a durable interior to handle the wear and tear from dirt, gravel, etc. This goes for the exterior as well. You will require something that does not scratch easily. It’s also prudent to invest in tires that are meant for rugged environments.

What is the Driver’s Trade

Different trades need different capabilities. However, multiple tradesmen will make up your construction site’s fleet. When purchasing a new vehicle for your crew, it is important to consider who will be utilizing the construction truck most, and what are their specific needs. Concrete and masonry workers will need different specs than general construction workers while deck builders, roofers and carpenters will need something with plenty of bed space. It is important to ensure that each sector of your job site has the construction vehicle they require to maximize productivity.

Current and Future Construction Equipment

Your current equipment is another thing to consider when purchasing a new vehicle for your construction business.

If this is an addition to a fleet of many, and your team does heavy construction work frequently, you will need to make sure the construction truck can support not only the size of your equipment but the weight. This will determine the style of truck needed and the engine power required.

Also, consider the growth of your company over the next few years. If you are going to purchase large equipment to account for more jobs and more services, then plan ahead by purchasing a construction vehicle that can accommodate growth.


It is imperative to take a look at your realistic budget. This will help you decide between a new or used construction truck. Trucks in heavy use on job sites easily become dented or scratched due to the nature of the job. For this reason, many opt for a gently used vehicle.

However, sometimes it can make more sense to purchase a new vehicle if the features align with the needs of your company. Take an in-depth look at your needs and measure it with the trucks you are considering.

When considering new or used, it is important to factor in the costs associated with each. Used vehicles will have higher maintenance costs, but a new construction truck will be most expense off the bat. It is also crucial to factor in the corresponding lifetime of the vehicle before purchasing.

Commonly Used Construction Trucks for Any Job Site

Mack TerraPro – Great for concrete construction, the concrete pumping and conveyor belt configurations help the TerraPro power construction jobs.

Mack Granite and Mack Granite MHD – Granites are powerful enough to haul anything while staying light to maximize productivity. This makes for the perfect construction truck to be configured as a mixer, dump truck or tractor.

Volvo VNR – These Volvo trucks are designed to handle everything from dry and liquid bulk hauls to tankers and flatbeds. This makes it a versatile tool for your job site.

Volvo VNX – The Volvo VNX is built to maximize durability and long hauls. Designed for logging and oversized / permit loads, getting materials and specialty vehicles to your site is a breeze.

Ford F350 Super Duty – With a towing capacity range of 12,000 to 18,000 lbs, this is the perfect truck for Construction Superintendents or those needing to get to a job site without a massive haul. This is great for day to day and taking smaller materials to and from the job site.

The right construction truck can make or break job site success. It can also work with the crew or cause some serious headaches if the specs don’t align with their needs. Before purchasing a construction vehicle, consider all of the aspects your crew, your job site and ultimately your business will encounter. For more information, or to find the perfect construction truck for your business, Nextran Truck Centers is here to help. With 16 locations across the southeast in Alabama, Georgia and Florida, we’re here to keep you moving forward.

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