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Done Deal: Isuzu Completes UD Trucks Purchase From Volvo

UD Trucks has been a staple of dependability and capability since the company’s inception in 1935. For the last 14 years, Volvo Trucks has owned UD and helped market it across the globe. Now the brand is changing hands. Isuzu recently acquired UD from Volvo and the transaction will have larger implications on the industry

An Alliance Between Volvo Trucks and Isuzu Trucks 

This isn’t an acquisition where both parties shake hands and part ways. It’s a new alliance between two of the biggest names in trucking to take advantage of opportunities as the industry continues to transform. The organizations will establish a Joint Alliance Office with facilities in both Japan and Sweden that will be headed up by an Alliance Board comprised of key executives from the tow companies. Here’s what the new partnership will entail:

  • Technology sharing intended to leverage Isuzu and Volvo’s areas expertise
  • Create a stronger heavy-duty truck business for UD Trucks across international markets
  • Exploration of further opportunities for broader collaboration within the commercial vehicle business

Fleet Management Keeping an Eye on the Future

It’s still too early to tell what the impact will be for fleet managers here in the U.S. as the sale primarily involves international markets. But because Volvo Trucks and Isuzu Trucks have such a sizable footprint in the states, the alliance is bound to have an effect in the near future. And we at Nextran Truck Centers will be watching it closely.

Helping You Move Forward

We enjoy a strong relationship with Volvo Trucks and Isuzu Trucks, in addition to Mack Trucks and Ford. For over 25 years, we’ve helped drivers and fleet managers choose the right OEM for their needs. Visit one of our 18 locations across Florida, Georgia and Alabama to learn how we can help you move your business forward. Contact Nextran Truck Centers today.