Apps Every Trucker Should Have

Seeing the country from the cab of your heavy-duty truck is quite an experience, from highways to low valleys and just about everywhere in between. But when it comes to getting directions to your destinations, not any old map app will do. You’ll need one that understands the truck driving industry, and one that’s got tons of truck driving tips. Thankfully, there are apps to help with all of this and a whole lot more. In fact, when it comes to truck driving, there’s a world of highly specific apps out there that help make everything easy. 

As the trucking experts, we’ve looked at every available app in today’s Android and Apple app stores and found the best apps to help you get the job done. From helpful truck driving tips and resources to necessities like parking availability, read on to find out what these apps are and how they can help you improve your trucking game. 

1. Trucker Path

Quite possibly the best app for truck drivers, Trucker Path is incredibly helpful in so many different ways. First and foremost, the app presents you with a map view of everything relevant to truck drivers. Things like truck stops weigh stations and Cat scales, repair shops (like your nearest Nextran Truck Centers), hotels, truck dealerships, and more. You can toggle these things on and off to show what’s helpful to you and hide what’s not. 

Once you’ve located a destination on the map, you can tap it for more details like contact information, reviews, or driving directions designed by truck drivers just like you. For truck stops and other places where you’ll need to find parking, it will even tell you the number of available parking spots. The app integrates feedback from more than 500,000 truckers around the nation, so when truckers pull into a truck stop they’re automatically asked through the app to provide notes on available parking.

The Trucker Path app is available on Android and Apple. It’s free with ads but you can pay for a premium version that doesn’t have ads. 

Trucker Path might be the ultimate app for truck drivers, but in case you’re not convinced we’ve added a few more practical apps with truck driving tips that’ll help you navigate your day, wherever it may take you.

2. Weigh My Truck

Weighing your truck and trailer can sometimes be a hassle. The Weigh My Truck app, however, removes any and all stress that comes from weighing your truck and makes it easy to do from the comfort of your cab. 

To use the app, simply pull onto the scale and open the app on your phone. If your location settings are turned on, it’ll pinpoint the truck stop you’re at, but if it doesn’t recognize your location you can always enter the code near the scale. After entering a few more data points, such as your truck and trailer number, whether it’s a first weigh or reweigh, and your load number, you’ll be presented with the scale fee. You’ll need to accept this before the app connects to the weighmaster inside. Finally, the app will show you your axle weight and email you a PDF of the data. It’s that easy. 

3. Transflo Mobile+

This app might be one of the best time savers out there. Instead of walking into the truck stop to scan things like bills of lading and toll receipts, you can scan them through this app and upload them from within your truck cab. Many trucking companies white label this app to make it look like their own, and in the process, they may add other helpful features specific to their company. If your company uses it, great! Just download the app and get to scanning. If they don’t use the app, maybe a bit of encouragement is in order. 

We recommend downloading these apps to your phone today to help you have the best truck driving tips and tools at hand. And the next time you see a Nextran Truck Center show up on your Trucker Path app, stop in and say hello! Whether you’re coming in for a break, service for your truck, or something else, we’re here for you and the road ahead. 

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