3 Things to Look Out for in Used Semi Trucks for Sale

You don’t have to buy new to get a quality big rig. You can get incredible value for your fleet from a pre-owned truck if you know what to look for. At Nextran Truck Centers, we have a great selection of used semi trucks for sale, and we’ll also help you navigate the world of commercial truck financing if that’s something you’re interested in (it can be a great option for any business). 

Regardless of where you plan to purchase your next—or first—used semi truck, there are a few things you should always keep in mind to avoid making a bad investment.


1. The parts can be more important than the whole.


Your truck is first and foremost an investment, so you need to make sure that you make a good one. Don’t make an impulsive decision to buy the most powerful and best looking semi on the lot. It’s what’s on the inside that counts—especially if you know that your line of work will cause certain truck parts to see extra wear and tear.

It would be a miracle if every part of your used semi truck was in perfect condition, so you shouldn’t expect each part to last forever. But you can strategically select a truck that is likely to cost you less in the long run. For example, it’s not a deal breaker if a pre-owned truck has a chipped exterior and worn-down brakes. If it has an engine that’s in excellent working condition, it’s still probably a good investment. Having to replace or repair an engine or a transmission will set you back a lot more than a paint job and some brake pads.


2. Buying from a reputable dealer minimizes your risk.


We aren’t just saying that because Nextran Truck Centers is a reputable dealer with plenty of used semi truck inventory. Buying from any respected dealer rather than purchasing from a private party is less likely to end badly. We don’t recommend dealing with a private seller when it comes to used trucks unless you know the vehicle’s maintenance history and truly trust the original owner.

When you buy a pre-owned semi truck from a dealer, you will typically have various forms of commercial truck financing available to you. That can’t be said for private sellers. Many dealers also offer a short warranty to cover any issues that arise soon after the deal is done. Conversely, you may never see or hear from a private seller ever again, even if your truck falls apart on its first haul.


3. Conduct a thorough inspection of the truck.


We already discussed the importance of checking the condition of the most critical truck parts. But there’s a lot more inspecting to do beyond the nuts and bolts of the truck—starting with the test drive. If the truck doesn’t drive well or you feel something odd when you’re behind the wheel, go with your gut. After checking out the hardware, it’s crucial to look into the truck’s history. Who was the previous owner and what did they use it for? Don’t choose a truck that was primarily used for short hauls and expect it to serve your cross-country purposes without any trouble.

You’ll also want to request the vehicle’s most recent Department of Transportation (DOT) inspection, which can alert you to any hidden, lingering issues. Next, examine accident and maintenance records because they may be able to help you prepare for future problems with previously damaged parts or areas. Again, if you’re buying a used semi truck for sale by a dealer, they’ll be able to answer all your questions and acquire any records and inspection documentation you ask for.

Nextran Truck Centers has a Wide Selection of Used Semi Trucks for Sale

Keep these tips in mind as you shop for your next pre-owned semi truck, no matter where you find it. But remember, Nextran is here to help you keep your business up and running, however we can. If that’s by setting you up with the perfect used semi truck for your purposes, then stop in anytime you like.

With 17 locations across Florida, Georgia and Alabama, we’re more than just your truck dealer or parts and service provider. We’re your partner for the long haul to help keep you on the road. To learn more about maximizing your fleet’s resources with brands like Mack Trucks, Volvo, Ford or Isuzu, contact Nextran Truck Centers today. 

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