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Mack Pinnacle

The Mack Pinnacle – The Pinnacle of Success

Old-school grit and power. Uncompromising comfort for drivers. Advanced technology for fleets. Aptly named, the Mack Pinnacle represents everything that Mack Trucks works to uphold. But what makes this heavy-duty truck a true workhouse both on and off the highway? The Basics:  The Mack Pinnacle features tough interior and exterior components with advanced technology and […]

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Isuzu commercial trucks service

Isuzu Connect Makes Maintaining Isuzu Commercial Trucks Easier Than Ever

The age of information is radically transforming the trucking industry. Now, servicing Isuzu commercial trucks will be easier than ever before, with the introduction of Isuzu Connect. This new platform will help directly connect dealers and drivers to help revolutionize service management. What is Isuzu Connect? Isuzu Connect is a service relationship management (SRM) platform […]

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Volvo Trucks Memorial Day VNL 760

Volvo Trucks, Mack Trucks Honor Military for Memorial Day

Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks honored military heroes, past and present, on Memorial Day with custom-designed themed wraps on the Volvo VNL 760 and Mack Anthem. The designs were a part of Memorial Day observations and showcased the companies’ continued support of military personnel. Mack Trucks’ Mack Anthem Design The Mack Anthem model featured a […]

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4 Must-Have Features for Your Next Isuzu Food Service Truck

Your food service truck is more than just a delivery vehicle for produce and beverages. It’s a member of your team, working tirelessly to help you and your crew support your valued customers. So just as you would look for certain traits in a human crew member, you should look for certain features in your […]

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The All-New Mack LR is Getting Electric Trucks on the Road

The industry has been buzzing about electric trucks for years now, but the next iteration of the Mack LR electric refuse truck is making that a reality. This new model is hitting the streets of New York City for a test drive in 2020, marking a true shift in the way the refuse industry is […]

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Overhauling Medium-Duty Trucks

Medium-duty trucks are the unsung hero of the trucking industry. Often times these trucks and their drivers must operate in some of the hardest conditions to conduct this type of business. Medium-duty trucks tackle a variety of tasks across a multitude of industries often in high traffic environments with narrow roads and access or parking […]

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Truck Parking Shortage

Solving the Truck Parking Shortage

Truck driver comfort continues to be a leading component of the trucking industry. One of the leading causes of truck driver stress is trying to find available parking, according to the ATA. The issue is causing a major strain on driver health and fleet productivity. But with a leading cause of stress being an inherent […]

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Mack Granite as a Construction Truck

Finding the Best Construction Truck for Your Job

Your construction truck is more than a way to move about your job site, it defines your ability to do your work in an efficient manner. It is a symbol of your company. This is why it is vital to match the truck to your needs. When searching for a new vehicle to add to […]

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Mack Granite

The Power of The Mack Granite

“The gold standard of tough.” That is how Mack Trucks describes their popular Mack Granite work truck. Mack is well-known for their durable and versatile vehicles. But what exactly makes the powerful Mack Granite the first-choice amongst fleets requiring a vehicle that is, well, tougher than tough? The Mack Granite is Versatile Versatile is an […]

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Parameter Plus Allows Remote Upgrades

Parameter Plus Upgrades for Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks

Last month, Volvo Trucks unveiled its Parameter Plus package. This new package allows for up to 50 parameter updates over-the-air annually per covered vehicle. The package is available for both Volvo and Mack heavy-duty trucks. The new packages allows drivers and heavy-duty truck fleets to further maximize their uptime. What is over-the-air programming? Over-the-air (OTA) […]

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