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Parameter Plus Allows Remote Upgrades

Parameter Plus Upgrades for Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks

Last month, Volvo Trucks unveiled its Parameter Plus package. This new package allows for up to 50 parameter updates over-the-air annually per covered vehicle. The package is available for both Volvo and Mack heavy-duty trucks. The new packages allows drivers and heavy-duty truck fleets to further maximize their uptime. What is over-the-air programming? Over-the-air (OTA) […]

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Ford Transit

What Makes the Ford Transit So Popular?

Following in the shoes of one of its longest-running workhorses, the E-series, Ford Trucks released the Ford Transit. A powerful light-duty van which opened up a world of opportunities for businesses of all shapes and sizes. As one of the most versatile and customizable offerings on the market, it is no wonder the Ford Transit […]

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Lawn Service Vehicle

What to Consider When Purchasing a Lawn Service Vehicle

From eco-friendly trucks, to large pick-ups combined with heavy trailers, to cab over medium-duty trucks that house every tool for the job, each lawn service business owner and landscaper has their own preferred set of wheels. But deciding to expand your lawn service business and upgrade your equipment and vehicles is a big decision. Whether […]

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Celebrating 35 Years of Isuzu Trucks in the US

This month marks the 35th anniversary of award-winning Isuzu Trucks in the United States. The OEM powerhouse is known for their versatile and durable rigs and low-cab-forward style of trucks. The company has grown from the first KS22 model to commanding 73 percent of the class 3-5 U.S. LCF truck market. Isuzu Trucks’ History in […]

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Driver Safety Tips

5 Ways to Increase Driver Safety on the Road

There is no denying that the trucking industry has many facets. But with the increased focus of the industry being to retain and recruit more drivers, staying up-to-date on ways to improve driver safety, comfort and support is imperative. In order to make roads safer, drivers and their fleet managers should keep these tips in […]

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Volvo Trucks Workspaces

Volvo Trucks Adds Ergonomic Workstations to VNL

The already versatile VNL and VNX models by Volvo Trucks just got a little bit better. Last month Volvo Trucks announced its newest addition to driver comfort, ergonomically advanced workstations. The option is just another example of the OEM powerhouse’s dedication to driver satisfaction and fleet productivity. Volvo Trucks’ New Ergonomic Features Each year, drivers […]

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How Volvo Trucks is Fixing the Diesel Technician Shortage

Beginning this year, Volvo Trucks is expanding its focus to the training of skilled diesel technicians and service techs into the states of Florida, Ohio and Texas. The Diesel Advanced Technology Education (DATE) pairs Volvo Trucks curriculum with dedicated Volvo-certified instructors at universities. This program, which originally started at WyoTech campuses, will prepare graduates for […]

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Big Trucks, Little Features – How Heavy-Duty Trucks Adopt Lightweight Features for Driver Comfort

In today’s trucking industry, the name of the game is helping fleets be more efficient while exploring budding technology. In addition to focusing on bettering gas mileage, decreasing costs and maximizing efficiency, the main focus for many fleets is ensuring driver comfort. It’s for this reason OEMs and fleet managers are working to spec heavy-duty […]

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Volvo Trucks 2018 DOTY

Nextran Honored by Volvo Trucks for 2018 Southeast Region Dealer of the Year

Nextran Corporation, a leader in state-of-the-art commercial truck sales and service centers in the Southeast, announced its Pompano Beach location is Volvo Trucks’ selection as Southeast Dealer of the Year. “We are honored to have our Pompano Beach location recognized by Volvo Trucks,” said Jon Pritchett, President and CEO, Nextran. “The team at Pompano Beach […]

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Isuzu Trucks Cummins Heavy-Duty Potential

Could Cummins-Powered Heavy-Duty Trucks Be on the Horizon From Isuzu Trucks?

Late last year Isuzu Trucks and Cummins Inc. announced their intent to explore global options for collaboration on future projects. The agreement between the two companies to explore product-sharing opportunities opens immense possibilities for both. But more importantly, it teases industry development unlike anything we have seen to date. With that, the announcement between the […]

01/31/19 Read more