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FE 130




Some cabovers in its class have frontal-area restrictions, which means they can’t be outfitted with full-width truck bodies. But the Canter can, handling virtually any standard body style from 10 to 20 feet long. Something to think about if you move bulky cargos like furniture.

And all Canter models, including the FE130, feature standard impact-absorbing steering column and side-door crush bars to better protect occupants and ensure greater peace of mind under all driving conditions.



Crush bar in each door, energy-absorbing steering column, daytime running lights, dual-caliper disc brakes with ABS (all wheels), covered open-grate entry steps, forward-swing doors for safer entry/exit, high visibility halogen headlamps, Engine Protection System.



The best part is the FE130 comes with a 5-Year Powertrain warranty.







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