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Big Red X Challenge Update

“The rankings going into the last week of game 1 are…”

When Jim Ussery, Executive Vice President of Operations for Nextran recently sent an email out about current standings, he wasn’t referring to a college basketball bracket, or NASCAR races. He was talking about a competition between the Parts Departments in all fourteen Nextran locations. The Big Red X Challenge.

The Big Red X Challenge started as a competition between Outside Parts Representatives. The objective was to determine who could grow the sales of six specific vendor lines the most over the course of six months. This year, the Big Red X Challenge was changed to involve all of the employees in the Parts Departments.

The competition now combines all of the Parts Department employees in the different regions, to form five different teams. It has also been extended for eight months, consisting of six regular season games and one Championship Round. In each regular season game, the five teams set out to achieve growth over their last year’s average of one or two specific vendors, which allows them to score points for that game. The team who scores the most points by the end of the month wins the game and the prize for that month. The Championship Round takes place in the last two months of the competition, and incorporates all of the vendors who were focused on during the regular season games. Points from the regular season are then added up with the points from the Championship Round to crown the winner of the 2016 Big Red X Challenge.

The teams also have a chance to kick a game winning field goal by focusing on their Customer Development Account group. This is a list of 5,000 accounts throughout Nextran that show a significant opportunity in growth. The team who’s able to develop these accounts the most over the length of the competition receives an added bonus to their total points scored at the end.

The first game of this year’s competition began on March 1st, and the employees aren’t the only ones feeling the excitement. Since March 1st, the customer base throughout the fourteen locations have benefited from huge savings in oil and filter products, with more to come.

With the first game coming to an end, the leaderboard changes daily with the scores being too close to speculate who will be on top. Until the winner of game 1 is announced on April 1st…. GAME ON!